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  ESSAYS by Carol Ann Davis,
Karen Hays, & Doris Kadish

by Mary Hood &
Lynn Schmeidler

POETRY by Coleman Barks,
Richard Jackson, Judson Mitcham,
Pattiann Rogers, & others

ART by Mequitta Ahuja

Being Stevie
a story by Lynn Schmeidler

See the stage. The short woman in the platform shoes is me, as Stevie Nicks. The obese woman in the third row is Maeve, my mother. She’s next to Walter, my father, the handsome man overdressed in a jacket and tie. My mother would never admit it, but she doesn’t want to be here. She doesn’t like seeing me on stage—higher than her . . .

         COMING 2/2: AN ESSAY BY KAREN HAYS       

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