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  ESSAYS by Gary Ferguson &
Lee Martin

by Mary Clearman Blew,
Jack Driscoll, Gary Gildner, David Huddle, Colette Inez, & Kyle C. Mellen

POETRY by Margaret Benbow,
Shawn Fawson, Alice Friman,
Brianna Noll, Rachel Richardson,
Maggie Smith, Charles Harper Webb,
& others

ART by Titus Kaphar

Perfect Pitch

a poem by Gary Gildner

These soft Indian summer spells
on the mountain, no fires about
and therefore clear as joy clear out
to the Gospels, I gratefully slip on
my old Rawlings and slap, without heat,
a baseball in the pocket.
I hold it like an egg.
It’s a relief from the game
I’ve been facing too many nights now
. . .

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