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  ESSAYS by Carol Ann Davis,
David Gessner, Genese Grill,
James Alan McPherson, & Sean P. Smith

FICTION by Sarah Blackman, Jenny Irish,
James Alan McPherson, &
Zach VandeZande

POETRY by Lola Haskins, Sharon Olds,
Taije Silverman, Bianca Stone,
Clifford Thompson, Natasha Trethewey,
& Michael Waters

Lap Dance
a poem by Bianca Stone

I think everyone’s glad I’m dead, said the stripper
with the caved-in face. Her fingers were bone with no
sinew. She flapped her arms at the two wrens
caught up in the rafters and staring down
on the empty dance hall at the Möbius Strip Club
of Grief. Tiny chirps rained like sparks
from the electric saws in their little hearts. No one here
is glad anyone is dead, but
there is a certain comfort in knowing
the dead can entertain us, if we wish. We line up
. . .

         COMING 10/3: A POEM BY SHARON OLDS        


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