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FALL 2016


To Our Readers


James Alan McPherson On Becoming an American Writer
David Gessner Cocktails with Vultures, or, A General Theory of Boredom
Sean P. Smith The Slow and Tender Death of Cockroaches
Genese Grill Re-Materialization, Remoteness, and Reverence: A Critique of
De-Materialization in Art
Carol Ann Davis On Slaughter and Praying: An Essay in Two Parts



Zach VandeZande Ali, Wendy
Sarah Blackman Large Black Landscape
Jenny Irish Borning
James Alan McPherson Elbow Room          


Sharon Olds Real Estate Ode   and   Never a Borrower
Bianca Stone Lap Dance
Natasha Trethewey  Letter to Inmate #271847, Convicted of Murder, 1985
Lola Haskins Altar
Clifford Thompson What a Fine Thing It Would Be
Michael Waters Jacquard
Taije Silverman The Boy with the Bolt   and   Where to Put It


Masao Yamamoto KAWA=FLOW


Sam Pickering Soldania (on Paul Ruffin’s The Time the Waters Rose & Stories of the Gulf Coast; Sonja Livingston’s Ladies Night at the Dreamland; Gilbert Allen’s The Final Days of Great American Shopping: Stories Past, Present, and Future; John Lane’s Coyote Settles the South; and Becoming Southern Writers: Essays in Honor of Charles Joyner, edited by Orville Vernon Burton and Eldred E. Prince Jr.)

Alex McElroy The Uneventful: On Eduardo Costa and Conceptual Poetics (on Conceptualism and Other Fictions: The Collected Writings of Eduardo Costa 1965–2015, edited by Patrick Greaney; and Corrected Slogans: Reading and Writing Conceptualism, edited by Lucy Ives)

Claire Schwartz on Night Sky with Exit Wounds by Ocean Vuong

Justin Wadland on The Great Clod: Notes and Memoirs on Nature and History in East Asia by Gary Snyder

Heidi Lynn Staples  on Lighting the Shadow by Rachel Eliza Griffiths

Catherine Rogers on A Woman of Property by Robyn Schiff





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