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To Our Readers

Coleman Barks: Auroral Aliveness

Stephen Corey Introduction
Coleman Barks The Delight of Making Up Gods;   Elegy for Galway, Late October;  
Vanilla and Banana-Peanut Butter
;   Hub;   The Truth of One Short Poem;   and   Fjord
Coleman Barks Figures from My Boyhood
Ty Sassaman The Answer
Hugh Ruppersburg Coleman Barks: "auroral aliveness, powers, hilarity"
Jody Kennedy The Opening Heart
Ravi Shankar Pine Cone and Potato Chip: On Rumi and Coleman Barks
John Yow Poker Night
Norman Minnick The Unbroken Chain: Some Thoughts on Coleman Barks’s Poetry
Gulnaz Saiyed Legacy
Naomi Shihab Nye Coleman’s Gift
Lisa Starr The Talk Show
Gordon Johnston The Ocean Come to Court the Drop


Alison Hawthorne Deming Coming Home to Earth: What Purse Seines, Pumpjacks,
and a Twitter Feed from Space Taught One Worried Citizen about the Beauty
of Climate Change in 2016

Gerald Majer Le Squelette Joyeux
Barth Landor Forty Passages for Shakespeare


Kyle C. Mellen Ghosts       
Philip Baker    Movie Dates
Venita Blackburn Ravished           


Gretchen Marquette Slow Horse
Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer From the Press Secretary of the Interior (re: Gravitational Waves)
Ryan Meyer Arcadia Shakes                      
Bob Hicok A very small history book;   Rebirth at the landfill;   and   Applied geometry  
Keith Ratzlaff Letter to Bob Hicok 
Kaveh Akbar Portrait of the Alcoholic with Shattered Pelvis


Vanessa German i take my soul with me everywhere i go


Laurence Ross The Bias: Toward Fashion (on Robin Givhan’s The Battle of Versailles: The Night American Fashion Stumbled into the Spotlight and Made History; Patricia Mears and Emma McClendon’s Yves Saint Laurent + Halston: Fashioning the ’70s; and Jérômine Savignon’s Yves Saint Laurent’s Studio: Mirror and Secrets)

Jeffrey Meyers on Living on Paper: Letters from Iris Murdoch, 1934–1995, edited by Avril Horner and Anne Rowe

Benjamin Hollander on Who Can Afford to Improvise?: James Baldwin and Black Music, the Lyric and the Listeners by Ed Pavlić

Mary-Kim Arnold on They and We Will Get into Trouble for This by Anna Moschovakis

Jeff Gundy on Pushcart Prize XL: Best of the Small Presses, edited by Bill Henderson

Edward Butscher on I Greet You at the Beginning of a Great Career: The Selected Correspondence of Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg, 1955–1997, edited by Bill Morgan

Gary Kerley on Understanding Pat Conroy by Catherine Seltzer





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