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  ESSAYS  by Marianne Boruch,
Brian Doyle, Albert Goldbarth,
Brandon R. Schrand, and
Martha G. Wiseman

POETRY  by Coleman Barks,
Kathryn Stripling Byer, Alice Friman,
Elton Glaser, Gerald Stern, and others

FICTION  by Gary Gildner and
George Singleton

ART  by Nadine Boughton

Concessions for the earthbound
a poem by Christine Robbins

1. Heron

When it flies to the bay at dawn,
You hear it scream like a dying thing.
Believe in the killing
Of snake-geese by foxes. Believe
In too much color from a rising light.
But the pulse holds you
And one blue heron. . . .

      COMING 10/3: OUR FALL 2014 ISSUE     

November 9 – 10, 2014
Mary Hood
and Alfred Uhry

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