Kara Walker with her sculpture "A Subtlety"

Kara Walker with her sculpture “A Subtlety”

* “‘Mommy makes mean art,’ was the judgment that the artist’s daughter, Octavia, delivered 12 years ago, when she was 4, and that gets pretty close to the truth. Awarding Ms. Walker a $190,000 ‘genius’ grant in 1997, the MacArthur Foundation noted that Ms. Walker’s images explored the ‘vestiges of sexual, physical, and racial exploitation’ handed down by slavery.” The New York Times profiles Kara Walker and her new installation, A Subtlety.

* Philip Levine is among the readers at this weekend Massachusetts Poetry Festival.

* “My friends will sometimes tease me by calling me PLOTUS. Maybe there should be a title. Madame PLOTUS?” An interview with Natasha Trethewey at The Washington Post.

* “I arrived in California in 1974, in a red Dodge van with tie-dyed curtains, as one would do at such a time, and soon went into eight years of formal Zen training.” An interview with Jane Hirshfield at Rattle.

* Sharon Olds has been selected as the fifth winner of the Donald Hall-Jane Kenyon Prize in American Poetry.

* “The protagonists of Weems’ photographs are not shy in their confrontation of systemic oppression nor do they allow their viewers to remain passive spectators.” Dana Khromov on Carrie Mae Weem’s Guggenheim retrospective.

* Craig Morgan Teicher is the poet of the month at The Inquisitive Eater.

* “I would describe their art as deeply rooted in traditions of classical art. The human body is central to their storytelling. However, the brothers’ artistic sensibilities are worlds apart.” On Jerome & Joel-Peter Witkin’s new show at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts.

* Watch a conversation on creativity between Rita Dove and Natasha Trethewey that took place at Emory University.

* Listen to a 2001 reading by Maxine Kumin.