We are giving away two copies of Barry Lopez's 'Apologia' this month! See the last link on this page for details.

We are giving away two copies of Barry Lopez’s ‘Apologia’ this month! See the last link on this page for details.

* “Chris, eighteen, wore an Iron Maiden T-shirt and sat on a vinyl chair in the waiting room, thumbing thru an old copy of Game Informer magazine. I’d offered him a seat in my office but he’d declined, preferring to read while his parents filled me in on his medical history.” Anya Groner’s “The Heart You Save Won’t Be Your Own” at Guernica.

* “Though both installations are about labor made invisible by the forces of history, race, and globalization, both are credited under a single author; the actual labor that produced them is once again rendered invisible.” On labor and commerce in new work by Kara Walker and Oscar Murillo at Hyperallergic.

* 2015 Pushcart Prize winners have been announced and include GR contributors Mary Hood, Nancy Geyer, Bob Hicok, and Philip Levine.

* “DO WHAT YOU LOVE BEST. Make your life doing what you love best, but do it as if it meant you were out to save the world. Because you are. And if you are criticized and not every one agrees with you, say to yourself, I must be doing something original, and if your efforts are rejected, say, ‘I will persevere,’ and if your work fails at first, fail again, fail better, until you triumph.” Watch a 2009 commencement speech by Louise Erdrich.

* Watch a recent interview with Derek Sheffield from Edmonds Community College Convergence Series.

“The University of Central Arkansas is hoping to add the story of the Little Rock Nine  – nine black students who enrolled at what had been an all-white high school in Little Rock, Ark., in 1957 – to the operatic annals. The school is in the process of commissioning the composer Tania León and the scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. to create a work about the incident, and hopes to present the premiere in September 2017, around the 60th anniversary of the events.”

* Bookriot’s 2014 Short Fiction Roundup includes George Singleton’s new collection Between Wrecks.

* “And Short the Season is pervaded by themes of mortality and extinction, treating the latter with a Cassandra-like sense of urgency. The poems call the reader to greater awareness of his interdependence with other life – human, animal, and otherwise – while documenting and memorializing the connections between Kuman and her forebears, both biological and literary.” Maxine Kumin’s posthumous collection of poems, And the Short Season, reviewed at Open Letters Monthly.

* “Nearly every paragraph of the book—certainly every page—offered me the opportunity to bend the narrative in one of two directions: toward what actually happened or toward some convenient falsehood. What I would say is that whenever I was aware that a choice like this was offering itself to me, I bent as hard as I could toward what actually happened: always when it came to the incidents themselves, and always when it came to the way I remember reacting to them, and at least as often as memory permitted when it came to the dialogue.” The Rumpus interviews Kevin Brockmeier on his new memoir A Few Seconds of Radiant Filmstrip.

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